Pug Information

Over the last several years, the Pug breed has become very popular amongst UK households. Pugs are well known for their scrunched up faces and pig-like tails. 


Pugs are strong willed and rarely aggressive,  making them the perfect family pet. Pugs are considered to be a very safe breed to have around children of all ages, however when children are around dogs, particularly small children, supervision is always recommended to minimise upsetting these small pups! 

Pugs are considered happy dogs and are very playful and bouncy, especially when they are around their families. The Pug breed thrive off of companionship with other dogs or humans. Like many breeds, Pugs are notorious for their ‘lazy’ behaviour, often sleeping for many hours after a good run around. 

Grooming your Pug

Pugs are notorious for having those adorable skin rolls. Whilst this may look cute, these creases in the coat can cause serious issues with your Pug. Ensuring your pup is bathed and regularly  cleaned in-between the creases is very important. 

Whilst they aren’t a very furry breed, pugs can shed a decent amount. It is important to get your Pug cut as often as possible, usually every 6-8 weeks. In between those cuts, weekly brushing will help remove all the dead hair. 

Client Feedback

I recently collected my newest family pet from Striking Pugs. Chewy fitted right in at our home and I can't thank Gerry enough. Gerry from Striking Pug was full of information and support during and after the purchase of our new addition. Thank you!
Mrs. Smith